Designing Future Leaders

True leaders inspire. Andrea’s experience has shown her that leadership is more than just directing tasks—it’s about influencing with integrity and making impactful decisions.

She once advised a colleague on altering his leadership approach, and it changed the way he led teams. She’s seen firsthand how small mindset shifts can propel someone into effective leadership. 

Whether it’s someone new to a leadership role or an executive looking to refine their approach, Andrea’s guidance promises genuine growth and evolution.

Andrea’s philosophy on shaping future leaders emphasizes emotional intelligence, adaptability, and a deep sense of purpose. For her, leadership isn’t solely about the power to instruct but involves the insight to inspire and mobilize teams towards shared objectives.

Emotional Intelligence

Andrea firmly believes that an understanding of one’s own emotions, as well as those of others, is foundational for any leader. She crafts programs that enhance leaders’ capacities to empathize, regulate emotions, and foster strong interpersonal relationships. 

Strategic Vision

Through her mentorship, Andrea helps emerging leaders develop a clear and visionary perspective. Leaders are trained to foresee industry trends, understand market dynamics, and position their teams for future success.

Championing Diversity

True to her passion for inclusivity, Andrea instills in leaders the importance of acknowledging and championing diversity within their teams. Leaders learn to appreciate the multifaceted advantages that a diverse group brings, from varied problem-solving approaches to a broader spectrum of creativity.

Adaptive Learning

With the rapid pace of technological and social evolution, Andrea focuses on cultivating a mindset of continuous learning among leaders. She equips them with tools and strategies to stay relevant, adapt to changing circumstances, and drive innovation.

Purpose-Driven Leadership


For Andrea, a leader without a purpose is like a ship without a compass. She facilitates deep introspection sessions where leaders crystallize their core values, align them with organizational goals, and lead with authenticity and conviction.

The Resonance

Under Andrea’s guidance, leaders experience a remarkable transformation, shifting from task-driven managers to inspirational visionaries who can foster collaboration, ignite passion, and inspire trust within their teams. These extraordinary leaders not only provide direction but also possess the power to motivate and mobilize their teams toward achieving outstanding success.

The Imperative of Future-Proof Leadership


In an age where businesses grapple with unprecedented challenges, from the rise of digital ecosystems to global socio-political shifts, there is a demand for visionary leaders who are not only equipped to manage the needs of the present but can also chart the course for the future. With Andrea’s guidance, leaders are developed into trailblazers who set the bar for leadership and are prepared to lead their businesses into new waters with confidence and agility.

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Andrea C. McLean is more than just a coach; she’s an advocate for transformation. With years of experience in the corporate world, leading global teams, she’s been the go-to for guidance. Five years ago, she made a conscious decision to pivot towards what truly resonated with her heart – coaching. Armed with a master’s in Organizational Development and Leadership and multiple coaching certifications, Andrea is exceptionally qualified to guide her clients. Beyond her credentials, it’s her genuine passion and unique coaching philosophy that sets her apart. She believes in the magic that each individual possesses, emphasizing that there’s no one else like you on the planet.

Andrea’s coaching isn’t about fitting a mold; it’s about breaking them. She encourages clients to be uniquely themselves, leveraging their innate strengths and capabilities. Drawing from her experiences, Andrea uses personalized techniques that allow her clients to shift their mindset and elevate their potential. Whether they’re professionals navigating the corporate world or individuals facing life’s myriad challenges, Andrea’s coaching illuminates the path to becoming their best self.

Andrea truly is a light leading the way to find my path in my early 20s. She continuously prompts me to tear down the walls I've built to limit myself. Because of her, I am a more confident young woman in my personal and professional relationships. I cannot recommend her services enough!


Andrea’s coaching creates an open and honest conversation. Her positivity is infectious.


It was so great to talk things through with someone who is objective, has no agenda and listened to me. Andrea is excellent


Andrea coached me on how to frame my feedback and share my perspective to create open dialogue with others. This made a tremendous impact both professionally and personally


Andrea is an amazing coach


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